Municipio de Coatzacoalcos

Municipio de Coatzacoalcos is a platform for citizen participation

This guide explains what each of the Municipio de Coatzacoalcos sections are for and how they work.


In the citizen debates section you can present and share your opinion with other people on issues of concern to you related to the city. It is also a place to generate ideas that through the other sections of Municipio de Coatzacoalcos lead to concrete actions by the City Council.

Buttons to rate the debates
"I agree" and "I disagree" buttons to rate the debates.


In the citizen proposals section you can make proposals for the City Council to carry them out. The proposals require support, and if they reach sufficient support, they are put to a public vote. The proposals approved in these citizens' votes are accepted by the City Council and carried out.

Button to support a proposal
Button to "Support" a proposal.


The polls section is activated each time a proposal reaches 1% support and goes to the vote or when the City Council proposes an issue for people to decide on.

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